Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: 12 Adventure Stories, August 1939

Popular Publications had 10 STORY WESTERN and FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES. Ace Magazines Inc. almost split the difference with 12 ADVENTURE STORIES, a short-lived (five issues) pulp that sported excellent covers by Norman Saunders and stories by a horde of house names. The featured author in this issue, Alexis Rossoff, was a real guy who wrote scores of stories for various adventure, detective, sports, and air-war pulps. The only other author in this one who's not known to be a house name is Alonzo Kirby, and since this is his only credit in the Fictionmags Index, he may well be fictional, too. For the record, the other by-lines in this issue are Paul Adams, Eric Lennox, Rexton Archer, Arthur Flint, Cliff Howe, Chester Brant, Leon Dupont, Ronald Flagg, Clint Douglas, and John Gregory. So there's really no way of knowing who wrote these stories. Given that Ace was considered a salvage market, there's a good chance some or even all of them are stories that were rejected by ARGOSY, ADVENTURE, BLUE BOOK, and SHORT STORIES. But that doesn't necessarily make them bad yarns. I've read plenty of good stories in various Ace pulps.

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