Saturday, September 30, 2023

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Aces, June 1942

This is kind of an unusual issue of WESTERN ACES because it doesn't have a story by J. Edward Leithead in it. His yarns appeared in almost every issue of WESTERN ACES during the Forties, sometimes several in an issue under his real name and pseudonyms. It seemed that way, anyway, which is okay with me because I really like his work. But even though there's no Leithead, this issue does have a good cover by Norman Saunders and a lead story by one of my other favorite Western authors, Walker A. Tompkins. Also on hand are Tom J. Hopkins, Stephen Payne, Orlando Rigoni, R.S. Lerch, and a handful of lesser-known pulpsters. I've enjoyed every issue of WESTERN ACES I've ever read and I'm sure this one is entertaining, as well.


Mike said...

Could you recommend a good pulp anthology?

James Reasoner said...

For Westerns, try THE BIG BOOK OF WESTERN ACTION STORIES, STAR WESTERN, and SHADOW OF THE LARIAT, all edited by Jon Tuska. They have a few non-pulp stories mixed in, but most of the contents are from the pulps and are by some of the best writers in the genre. Used copies are plentiful and inexpensive on Amazon. If you find some authors you particularly like, Leisure reprinted dozens, if not scores, of single-author collections of pulp stories and most of them are still available as e-books. Print copies are easily obtainable, too.