Sunday, June 04, 2023

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Adventure, July 30, 1923

A.G. Peck, an artist I'm not familiar with, painted the evocative cover on this issue of ADVENTURE. As usual, the line-up of authors inside is very strong: Harold Lamb, J. Allan Dunn, Georges Surdez, Hugh Pendexter, J.D. Newsom, Karl W. Detzer, Bill Adams, and Raymond S. Spears. Arthur Sullivant Hoffman was still the editor at this point. ADVENTURE was a great pulp, issue after issue.


Walker Martin said...

James, you just about summed it up by saying Adventure was a great pulp, issue after issue. It's my favorite fiction magazine and I have a complete set, 1910-1953. In fact it is still possible to put together a set even nowadays. I know two collectors who in the last few years managed to accumulate over 600 of the 753 issues.

They both attended the two big pulp conventions: Windy City Pulp Convention and Pulpfest on a regular basis and not only found issues at the conventions but made the necessary contacts with other collectors and dealers.

Pulpfest is coming up August 3-6 in Pittsburg.

Anonymous said...

Love this stuff, but it’s not easily available to the average reader. Are there any recent collections that have reprinted some of these great stories?

Anonymous said...

Try reading them here: