Saturday, March 11, 2023

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Wild West Weekly, November 7, 1942

I feel like I should know who painted this cover. Tom Lovell? R.G. Harris? Maybe someone who's better than me at artist IDs can give us a definitive answer. But one thing I do know is that WILD WEST WEEKLY was almost always fun to read, and this issue doesn't look like any exception. Walker A. Tompkins has two stories in this one, a Tommy Rockford yarn under his own name and a stand-alone story under the house-name Andrew A. Griffin. House-names William A. Todd and Nelse Anderson are in this issue, as well; Norman W. Hay wrote the Risky McKee story as by Todd, and Bennie Gardner wrote the stand-alone Anderson. Also on hand are C. William Harrison, S. Omar Barker, and James P. Webb. A very solid line-up and a good cover, typical of WILD WEST WEEKLY.

Update: The cover artist has been confirmed as R.G. Harris.


Ed Hulse said...

I have a copy of this issue myself. It's a Harris cover painting, reprinted from a late 1935 issue. WWW in the early '40s made a practice of reprinting '30s covers by Harris, Lovell, Baumhofer, and others. These issues tend to be a lot less expensive (and easier to find in grade) than the earlier ones, which is why I collect 'em.

James Reasoner said...

Thanks, Ed!