Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Spicy-Adventure Stories, December 1935

Here's a pretty good example of why the Spicy pulps were sometimes sold under the counter. Of course, I would have just bought it for the stories, which in this issue are by Robert Leslie Bellem (one under his name and one as by Jerome Severs Perry), Edwin Truett Long (one as by Cary Moran and the cover story as by Clint Morgan), Victor Rousseau (writing as Lew Merrill), Ken Cooper, Arthur Humbolt, Arthur Wallace, and William B. Rainey. The sexy redhead on the cover wouldn't have had anything to do with me buying the magazine. That's my story . . . Seriously, though, I do enjoy the fiction in the Spicy pulps. They're formulaic, sure, but they're still fast-moving, plot-driven yarns with plenty of action and a little humor. Just the thing I'm looking for, sometimes.


C. Caz said...

I do like that cover art! Yes I do!

Walker Martin said...

I used to have a big collection of all the Spicy pulps: SPICY DETECTIVE, SPICY MYSTERY, SPICY WESTERN and SPICY ADVENTURE. I loved the risque covers and I even liked the interior illustrations. But I have to admit that the fiction defeated me and finally I gave up.

I once had cover paintings from SPICY WESTERN by Parkhurst and two Wards from PRIVATE DETECTIVE and HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE. They are long gone in some forgotten trade.