Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Speed Western, April 1947

Every story in this issue is by either a house-name or an author I've never heard of (and those may be house-names, too, for all I know), so there's no telling who actually wrote any of them. It's entirely possible they're all reprints that appeared originally under other titles and by-lines. But that's a pretty good George Rozen cover, so I'm posting about this issue of SPEED WESTERN anyway.


Anonymous said...

That's probably the best-rendered cover I've seen on an issue of Speed Western.

Way back in 1980 I happened upon fine condition copies of the first issues of Speed Western, Speed Adventure and Speed Detective. I snatched them up, seeing them as an affordable alternative to Spicies. Still pleased to have them, but I don't think I've ever met a single person who collected any of the Speed pulps.

John Hocking

James Reasoner said...

So many of the stories in SPEED WESTERN are reprints with the titles and by-lines changed that you never know what you're getting. There's bound to be somebody out there who collects the Speed pulps, but I doubt if they're in high demand.