Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Railroad Stories, March 1933

Nice cover on this issue of RAILROAD STORIES, one of the longest-running pulps. The featured story is by E.S. Dellinger, surely the star of the magazine during this era, whose stories appeared in almost every issue. The other authors in this issue are unknown to me with possibly two exceptions. There's a story by A. Leslie, who was definitely Alexander Leslie Scott, the prolific Western pulp author who created two iconic Texas Ranger characters, Jim Hatfield and Walt Slade. And also in the Table of Contents is a story by Alexander Scott, who I'd be willing to bet is the same guy using another pseudonym. (He also published under the names Bradford Scott, Leslie Scott, and Les Scott, that I know of. Maybe more.) I have a few issues of RAILROAD STORIES, but not this one. I ought to get around to reading them one of these days.

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