Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Trails, September 1942

Yesterday's Forgotten Book was a J. Edward Leithead paperback. Here's an issue of WESTERN TRAILS with a Leithead story cover featured, and a fine Norman Saunders cover, to boot! I love the title of the Leithead story: "Twin Triggers and a Crimson Legacy!" He was the most prolific contributor to WESTERN TRAILS and its companion magazine, WESTERN ACES, during the Forties, with at least one story in most issues and often two or three under pseudonyms. Other authors in this issue include L.P. Holmes, Orlando Rigoni (an author I've never read, despite seeing his name around for many, many years), and Ney N. Geer, who wrote quite a bit for WESTERN STORY.

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