Saturday, January 02, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Story, January 20, 1940

We start the year off right with another cover from the longest-running Western pulp of all, and a nice action scene to boot. Good contents inside, too, with stories by T.T. Flynn, Harry F. Olmsted, Norman A. Fox, Wilfred McCormick, and Frank Richardson Pierce writing as Seth Ranger. This was a great era for WESTERN STORY.


Walker Martin said...

Great cover. Which makes me ask the question, how often did men wear two guns? According to the movies a lot, for instance Bill Elliott not only wears two guns but holsters them backward. But in reality I bet not that often. A pistol is expensive plus hard to fire with any accuracy when firing two of them. Anyone ever do any research on this?

James Reasoner said...

Of the famous shootists, Bill Hickok is the only one I can think of who regularly carried two pistols. I suspect you're right, Walker, but I don't know for sure. I've never looked into it.

Jim Griffin said...

Very few men, and of those who did wear two, most of those carried the second gun only as a spare, to save time reloading. Only a tiny fraction could shoot equally, or nearly equally, well with both hands. A lot of the old time Texas Rangers wore two guns, but the second was almost always a spare, or backup.