Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: .44 Western, May 1951

A nice simple cover on this fairly late issue of .44 WESTERN. There are several reprints in here, common for this era: a yarn by John Colohan from a 1935 issue of DIME WESTERN; a Bennett Foster novel that originally appeared in ARGOSY in 1939; a Bart Cassidy story probably by Harry F. Olmsted also from 1939; and a 1935 story by Dennison Rust (a name that's always struck me as a pseudonym, although I don't know who used it). The new stories are by John Reese and John Jo Carpenter. Reprints or not, an issue well worth reading, I think.

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Walker Martin said...

I like this cover a lot, certainly more that the typical shoot 'em ups. For many years Popular Publications had a strict policy of absolutely no reprints. Then things got so bad that by the early 1950's, they had to use reprints in order to survive. But even that didn't work and the pulps were just about dead by 1955.