Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Now Available: Brothers By the Gun (Samaria, Kansas #4) - David Hardy

The Denning gang has just pulled off the biggest robbery of their careers. But Josh Denning, the leader of the bunch, faces a deadly challenge from within the ranks of his own followers, and his brother Ike has a bullet in him that may cost him his life. On top of that, two tough, dogged lawmen are on the gang's trail, determined to bring the outlaws to justice. It's a perilous race to safety for these fast-gun owlhoots! 

BROTHERS BY THE GUN is another exciting tale of Samaria, Kansas from talented author David Hardy. Fast-paced and full of gritty action, this is a story that fans of traditional Westerns won't want to miss!

(This is the fourth and final--for now--story in Dave Hardy's Samaria, Kansas series. These are great stories, gritty, hardboiled Western tales, and I recommend all of them. A print collection of all four stories is in the works, for those of you who prefer that format. Check 'em out!)

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