Thursday, May 07, 2015

Introducing Black Gat Books From Stark House

Introducing Black Gat Books. A new series of 4" x 7" mass market paperbacks featuring some of the best vintage mystery writers, plus a few new ones as well. Each book is numbered and priced at $9.99. One new title every 3 months. The first three books are coming in late May:
Harry Whittington
Haven for the Damned
978-1-933586-75-5  $9.99
A group of eight people all converge on a small ghost town on the outskirts of the Mexican border, each with their own demons and dilemmas. They all want something they’ve lost: freedom, a lost wife, their youth. Not all of them will leave alive. Due May 2015 in a new Black Gat mass market edition--#1.
Charlie Stella
Eddie’s World
978-1-933586-76-2  $9.99
Charlie Stella’s first great crime novel, back in print and available in paperback for the first time! Eddie Senta is suffering a mid-life crisis and decides to get involved in a heist. Everything that can go wrong, does. Due May 2015 in a new Black Gat mass market edition--#2. 
Leigh Brackett writing as George Sanders
Stranger at Home
978-1-933586-78-6  $9.99
Originally published as by the actor George Sanders, this domestic mystery by science fiction author Leigh Brackett is the story of a rich heel who comes back to get even with those who thought they had left him for dead. Due May 2015 in a new Black Gat mass market edition--#3.

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