Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dime Crimes #34

DIME CRIMES #34 is an excellent new short noir film from director Ed Hellman and writer John Michael Wagner (who is also one of the three stars). This is the plot summary from the film's website:

Doll, a homebody with a stash of pulp fiction, is thrown into the world of her favorite stories when she sees a gun hidden in the waistband of her charming new tenant.

Unbeknownst to her apathetic fiancé, Doll debates confronting the man and joining him in a life of adventure.

As the tenant’s mystery is exposed, Doll is forced to realize that she alone has the ability to turn her fantasies into a reality.

I was impressed with the acting and the production values in this movie, and I love the fact that several covers of men's adventure magazines are featured prominently in it (like the issue of STAG in the picture above). DIME CRIMES #34 is out on the film festival circuit now (the schedule is on the Facebook page), but you can see the trailer for it on the website and if you get a chance to catch the actual film at one of the festivals, I give it a high recommendation. These folks know what they're doing.

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BV Lawson said...

Thanks for posting this! I'll ad to next week's "Media Murder for Monday" posting. Sounds like fun.