Monday, September 22, 2014

The Termination Protocol - Brian Drake

All CIA agent Scott Steletto had to do was bring captured terrorist Brendan Miller to the U.S. He even had extra security to make sure nothing went wrong. 

But something does go wrong. Another terrorist group, seeing Miller's value to the CIA, snatches him in a blinding fast raid that leaves four agents dead and Steletto wounded. 

The New World Revolutionary Front demands a ransom, and if the CIA doesn't pay, they're going to shoot Miller and ruin any chance the Americans have of extracting information valuable to the War on Terror. 

The NWRF doesn't count on Miller having a few tricks up his sleeve, or Steletto's relentless determination to complete his mission. And when Miller gets away and the two team-up to fight their common enemy, the NWRF faces the wrath of two men who are deadlier together than they are separately.

I've mentioned before that I don't read a lot of current thrillers because I think they're too long. Padded. Bloated, even. But you don't have to worry about that with Brian Drake's THE TERMINATION PROTOCOL, the first novel in his new series about CIA agent Scott Steletto. This is a lightning fast punch to the gut of action/adventure goodness, slightly reminiscent of the Nick Carter series. Scott Steletto is a likable protagonist, there are some nice twists in the plot, and the action scenes are great. I'm looking forward to his next adventure.

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Scott Parker said...

Agreed on the length if modern thrillers. It's one of the things I'm keeping in mind as I prep for 2015. I've downloaded a sample of this book and I'll give it a try. I enjoyed the subtle nod to James Bond in chapter 1.