Saturday, September 13, 2014

Now Available: Klaw #3 The Rattler Gang - W.L. Fieldhouse

When the one-handed gunfighter known as Klaw encounters the notorious Rattler Gang, he loses two things precious to him: $10,000 in gold—and the deadly steel hook that replaced his right hand. The vicious, hooded owlhoots have been terrorizing Arizona, but now they have Klaw on their trail, along with a beautiful, vengeance-obsessed blonde. No matter who gets in his way—Apaches, desperadoes, or lawmen—Klaw will go through any or all of them to deliver hot lead justice to the Rattlers! 

But unknown to Klaw, the hunter is also the hunted, as two hired killers working for old enemies have set out to track him down, and fate will bring them all together for an epic showdown in the badlands! 

THE RATTLER GANG is another bloody, action-packed Western adventure from legendary author W.L. Fieldhouse and Rough Edges Press, available as an e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, and as a trade paperback from Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

Not relevant I know, but I can't help but hear Maxwell Smart in my head saying, "The Craw?"

"Not The Craw. The Claw!" (but of course The Claw always pronounced it "The Craw" too.)

You had to be there.

Jeff M.