Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Crime Busters, February 1938

I'm not used to seeing photo covers on pulps, but that's what we've got here. And what a line-up of authors: Lester Dent, Theodore Tinsley, Steve Fisher, Norvell Page, Frank Gruber, Laurence Donovan, and a story under the Maxwell Grant house-name that could well have been by one of those guys. Plenty of good reading in this issue, I'm sure.


David Cranmer said...

Some Lester Dent adventure sounds good right about now.

Barry Traylor said...

This is from my copy of Mystery, Detective and Espionage Magazines.
"Crime Busters was an experiment. Editor John Nanovic invited his stable of writers plus others to create new characters of their own. These would be tried out in the new magazine and based on a reader's poll might get their own magazine like Doc Savage or The Shadow." Personally I do not care for the photo covers (and I imagine the pulp artists of the time were not crazy about them either) But the stories were pretty darn good.

Rittster said...

On sale now for only $200!

A little more info about the pulp's history is also included by the seller.

James Reasoner said...

Out of my price range, I'm afraid, although I'm sure I'd enjoy it.