Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Public Enemy, December 1935

This is the first issue of a short-lived pulp series trying to cash in on the popularity of G-Men in movies and popular fiction. The hero of the lead novels in these issues is Lynn Vickers, Agent G-77 of the FBI. He's the usual clean-cut pulp G-Man, but I've read a few of the novels and remember them as being pretty entertaining. The author, Bryan James Kelley, was really George A. MacDonald, who wrote some of the Phantom Detective novels. He may well have written Dan Fowler novels for the pulp G-MEN, too. I don't recall for sure about that. But his Lynn Vickers novels, though formulaic, are not bad. I think they're scheduled to be reprinted sometime in the future.


Cap'n Bob said...

Tommy guns, trench coats, and a hat. What more do you need?

Walker Martin said...

Cap'n, they forgot the gun moll.