Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Morning Bonus Pulp: Western Trails, June 1937

This issue of WESTERN TRAILS has some good authors in it, like Tom Roan, Peter Dawson, and Wilfred McCormick (best known for his juvenile sports novels). What I really like, though, besides the action-packed cover, is the title of the story by Victor Kaufman: "A Fool and His .45".


Walker Martin said...

Though I've had many copies of WESTERN TRAILS, I never really tried to collect it. There were 173 issues, 1928-1949. It's amazing and sort of sad to look back on the long life of some of these fiction magazines and now we have practically nothing as far as short fiction.

I know, I know, times change but there is something wrong with the world when we go from scores of such interesting titles to just about zero. I have some favorite TV shows, like JUSTIFIED and the sadly missed DEADWOOD, but TV has taken over and we have very few short fiction magazine markets.

James Reasoner said...

JUSTIFIED is a great series, a few ups and downs but overall one of the best I've seen in a long time. I loved the first two seasons of DEADWOOD, hated the third. Have you watched HELL ON WHEELS, Walker? I've enjoyed the first two seasons.

Walker Martin said...

Yes, HELL ON WHEELS is excellent and gives a good look at how sordid and dangerous building an early railroad must have been.

Everything was dangerous! The food could poison you, the alcohol blind you, the girls give you a dread disease, the Indians kill you. Not to mention the other workers on the railroad. The star of the series is not only hardboiled but a murderer also. I love it!