Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Dime Western, December 1936

Yet another appearance of the Redshirted Cowboy and the Wounded Geezer. I wonder how many Western pulp covers those two appeared on, and by how many different artists. I don't know who did this cover, but the style looks familiar. Our old friends don't have the Angry Redhead with them this time. I guess she was off somewhere else, glaring and shooting at some bad guy. The brunette is okay, but she's not the Angry Redhead.

All joking aside, this looks like another fine issue of one of the best Western pulps. T.T. Flynn, Harry F. Olmsted, Cliff Farrell, Ray Nafziger . . . those are some heavyweight authors. I would have spent a dime for this one, that's for sure.


Walker Martin said...

This cover is by Walter Baumhofer. I used to own the original cover painting for many years and had it hanging on the wall. I mention "hanging on the wall" because with many paintings I simply ran out of wall space and never got around to hanging them. But a Baumhofer you have to hang!

I remember this painting was reused several years later and the rocks were painting over and changed into a freight car of a train. It was on another Popular Publications title, perhaps BIG BOOK WESTERN.

Speaking of Walter Baumhofer, David Saunders has written a long article about him in the present issue of ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE(number 44). It takes up the entire 80 page issue and covers his art and life. Very impressive.

James Reasoner said...

I thought it looked like Baumhofer's work but wasn't sure enough to mention it.

The February/March 1939 issue of BIG BOOK WESTERN uses the same painting for its cover, without any changes that I can see. I'm sure the one with the train added to it is out there somewhere, though.