Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday's Overlooked TV Movies: Class of '61

This Civil War drama was a failed series pilot, so it's not surprising that not everything in the plot is wrapped up neatly. Hey, the war's just starting when it's over. The soap opera-ish plot follows several cadets at West Point, some of whom go to fight for the Union, some for the Confederacy. It's fairly well done despite being predictable, and has a good cast that includes Andre Braugher and early roles for Clive Owen and Laura Linney. Worth watching, although on a pretty small scale when it comes to Civil War movies.

There don't seem to be any clips from it available on YouTube, but you can buy a Region 2 DVD or a VHS tape of the movie on Amazon, both of which are pretty pricey.

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Todd Mason said...

Here's the trailer for the home video release...