Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Roaring Western Stories, May 1953

This is the only issue of this pulp known to exist, although there may be more. It's got an action-packed cover by Milton Luros, and the authors include Will C. Brown (really C.S. Boyles, the other famous author from Cross Plains, Texas), Bryce Walton, and several more, none of whom I've ever heard of. This was the era during which pulps were dying right and left, so the idea of starting a new one seems pretty risky, a risk that evidently didn't pay off. But considering that Westerns hung on longer than any other pulp genre, maybe it was worth taking. The issue looks like a decent one, anyway.


Jonathan G. Jensen said...

Ah, well you know that western comics were going crazy, and on TV, at this period in time so maybe another shot at a pulp was a good idea, like you claimed. The title reminds me of some comic book or another for some reason, Luros, never did any, but the lettering looks familiar.

Oscar said...

There is a lot of action going on in that cover. It makes me think that I would've bought it if I ever saw it, but I don't remember it in particular.

Jonathan G. Jensen said...

Ah, I got it, the title lettering reminds me of Western Comics a Prize Pub., of which Simon and Kirby (Of Capt. America fame)had a piece of and of whom I remember the most of From Western Comics John Severin and Bill Elder who did most of the covers and interiors. They were an awesome team of artists. Stories weren't bad either!

And, I'm with Oscar I will buy the pulp IF, I ever see it.