Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, January 1932

Often known simply as STRANGE TALES because those two words dominated the logo, this was one of the best-known rivals of WEIRD TALES. STRANGE TALES published some classic stories by many of the same authors who appeared in WT. For example, this issue (the third) features stories by Jack Williamson, Edmond Hamilton, Clark Ashton Smith, Hugh B. Cave, August Derleth, and Henry S. Whitehead, all of whom published major stories in WEIRD TALES as well. And it has a fine cover by H.W. Wesso illustrating Williamson's great novella "Wolves of Darkness". What a gem of an issue.


Peter Brandvold said...

Gosh dang--what a cover!

And I love the title of the rag! I think I'm going to swipe it for my auto-bio!

Mean Petectednafusual

Kurt Reichenbaugh said...

I have a Girasol replica of this issue of Strange Tales. Jack Williamson is easily one of my all time favorite pulp writers. I also really like Hugh B. Cave's old Weird Menace yarns.

James Reasoner said...

I was lucky enough to meet Jack Williamson and spend some time talking to him at a convention about thirty years ago. It was a real pleasure. What a fine writer he was, and a true gentleman, to boot.