Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Rogue Lawman: Heed the Thunder - Peter Brandvold

We all know by now that Peter Brandvold writes some of the best action scenes in the business. He's also a master at setting the stage and writing vivid descriptive passages. Plus his characters are always interesting and compelling. All of those qualities are on display in his newest Rogue Lawman novel, HEED THE THUNDER.

Gideon Hawk is still chasing outlaws across the Southwest and handing out his own brand of bloody justice to them. In this one he's on the trail of Pima Miller, a trail that leads Hawk into the rugged and dangerous Superstition Mountains of Arizona Territory. Brandvold adds to the mix a couple of beautiful women who can't be trusted, a horde of bloodthirsty Apaches, an old desert rat or two, and a fabulously valuable lost gold mine. It's great fast-paced fun spiced with dark humor and gritty action. Gideon Hawk is a great tragic hero, and I hope his adventures continue for a long time to come.

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