Saturday, May 04, 2013

Music I Like: Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey

Still the best James Bond theme song. Still the best James Bond movie, too, but we're talking about music here.


RJR said...

I kinda kike From Russia With Love. A lot. Especially the girl fight in the gypsy camp. Which is often cut.


Anonymous said...

I like RUSSIA too, but as far as themes go, Shirley Bassey has it hands down.

Jeff M.

Tom Johnson said...

I like Goldfinger also, but all of those early Bond movies were great, especially From Russia With Love. I was stationed with a young soldier who trained at Fort Knox during the filmrracqu afterwarding of Goldfinger and claimed he was among the extras filmed when the planes dropped nerve gas on the soldiers. Could be, but the boy tended to stretch the truth a bit. He would have probably made a good writer (lol).

Lee Goldberg said...

Best bond score ever, hands-down.