Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Mobsters, December 1952

This is the first and possibly only issue of this pulp from the Thrilling Group, and it wouldn't surprise me if the contents came from stories submitted to some of the other pulps they published. It's an interesting-looking magazine, though, and has a pretty good line-up of authors. Kendall Foster Crossen was a prolific pulpster and paperbacker under various names, probably best known these days, if at all, as the author of the Milo March novels under the name M.E. Chaber, which is a fine hardboiled series about an insurance investigator. Crossen also wrote the Green Llama pulp stories. Bryce Walton, who wrote some well-received science fiction stories, is in this issue, as is Charles Boeckman under his Charles Beckman Jr. pseudonym. I've never seen a copy of this pulp and probably never will, but if I had one in my hands I wouldn't hesitate to read it.

UPDATE: It's been confirmed that there were three issues of this pulp.

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Might be good stories or stories to give us a good laugh.