Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Thrilling Western, September 1942 (British Edition)

Steve Myall, owner of the great Western Fiction Review blog, sent me this cover scan from the British edition of the September 1942 THRILLING WESTERN. It's a surprisingly gory, violent cover (check out the knife impaling the guy's hands). Inside, there's a Walt Slade novel by Leslie Scott, writing as Bradford Scott, novelettes by Johnston McCulley, Syl MacDowell, and Orlando Rigoni, and a short story by Mark Hammer. (I used to see Orlando Rigoni paperbacks around and think that was an odd name for a Western writer. As far as I recall, I've never read anything by him.) As usual, the British edition drops some of the stories from the American version, in this case short stories by James P. Olsen, Stephen Payne, and Bayson Bickhorn (another odd name). Either edition looks like a decent Western pulp, worth reading. Thanks for the scan, Steve!


Steve M said...

Glad you liked this one enough to use James.

Walker Martin said...

You are right about this cover. Usually the western covers tried to show a more clean cut type of violence with the use of guns or fists. But this one is more unusual with the knife through the hands.

Anonymous said...

Very violent cover for a Thrilling Western. I collect the Thrilling Western pulp mags and have the USA edition with this cover. For those interested you can see the rest of my collection of Thrilling Western pulps at this link