Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Nickel Western, February 1933

Here's something you don't see very often on a Western pulp cover: a cowboy in a shootout with a guy in an airplane. But it's certainly a striking image. As for the contents, the line-up of authors doesn't include many familiar names. John Colohan turned up a lot in the Popular Publications Western pulps, and George C. Henderson was pretty prolific, too. The lead novel is by Westmoreland Gray. I don't know if the stories are any good, but that cover might have induced me to pick up a copy if I'd been browsing the newsstand in 1933 and had an extra nickel in my pocket.


Walker Martin said...

This is a great cover. Evidently during the depression someone got the bright idea of putting out pulps for only a nickel instead of a dime or higher.

In addition to NICKEL WESTERN there was NICKEL DETECTIVE. The idea was a big flop however and both titles died early deaths. NICKEL WESTERN only lasted 4 issues.

beb said...

There was a time when everybody had airplanes on their covers.

Morgan Holmes said...

Kirk Mashburn who wrote for WEIRD TALES had some stories in NICKEL WESTERN.