Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Speed Western, December 1946

Here's a pretty good SPEED WESTERN cover by George Rozen that has a nice sense of action and some menace in that reaching hand. Of the authors with stories in this issue, the only ones I've heard of are Laurence Donovan and Victor Rousseau, both of whom were old standbys in the Spicy/Speed line of pulps. Rousseau's career went all the way back to the early part of the Twentieth Century, when he wrote fantasy serials for a much higher class of magazine. (But not necessarily better, mind you; I'm quite fond of the Spicy/Speed pulps.) The other authors are Max Neilson (a known house name), Joe McCoy, Carl Mason, and Tonto Green (which I'd also bet was a house name, or at least a pseudonym).


Walker Martin said...

Recently a book was published about Victor Rousseau and his work: HIS SECOND SELF. When I bought it I paid full price but now it's on discounted to a ridiculously low $2.38.

His best known work is THE MESSIAH OF THE CYLINDER, which I've read a couple times. It compares favorably to H.G.Wells THE SLEEPER AWAKES. I also can recommend three short story collections from the pulps:


James Reasoner said...

Thanks for the info, Walker. I'm going to check out those books.

Anonymous said...

To Walker Martin: I published that Rousseau bio-biblio and am equally nonplussed that is listing my book below my OWN price. Heck. My own COST to get the book from the POD was much more than that price!!! I appreciate the posts about the other 3 Rousseau collections I did. I sold out of THE SURGEON OF SOULS and THE TRACER OF EGOS, but still have copies of THE DEVIL CHAIR, which is strange, given it is a fantastic, fun, adventurous, pseudo-scientific read.

Btw, I am not doing another Rousseau book in the future, moving on now to other ventures. Next book will be a collection of 13 horror stories by English authors, dating from the Golden Age through the Atomic era.

Cordially, Morgan

RatRodTV said...

I have a copy of Trail to Trouble. Do you know what it's worth?