Thursday, January 27, 2011


I’m not quite sure how we wound up watching two heist movies so close together, but TAKERS suffers a little in comparison to the excellent THE TOWN. It’s also about a crew of bank robbers (Paul Walker, Hayden Christiansen, and some other guys I didn’t know) being pursued by a doggedly determined cop (Matt Dillon). There’s a big job in this one, too, as well as friction among the members of the gang, one of whom has just gotten out of prison and come back to claim his share from the job on which he was captured.

There’s nothing really wrong with TAKERS, other than some of that blasted quick-cut editing. There are some ingenious twists (I thought the way the gang gets away from the first job they pull in the movie was particularly cool), and while none of the characters are really sympathetic, even the cop, the interplay between them is interesting at times. For some reason, though, the whole thing never really came together for me, maybe because it’s so hard to care about the characters. I thought the ending was pretty unsatisfying, too. So while TAKERS isn’t a terrible film, I can’t really recommend it, either, unless you’re a completist when it comes to heist movies.

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