Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cowboy Dreams - Prefab Sprout

I don't post much about music because basically I'm just not a real musical guy.  But Paul Brazill did a Forgotten Music post earlier this week about the group Prefab Sprout, which is mostly singer/songwriter Paddy McAloon.  I'd heard one Prefab Sprout song, a rather odd cover of Marty Robbins' "Streets of Laredo", and liked it, so I took a listen to some of their other songs and liked them, too.  Continuing the Western theme, here's one of their best, a song called "Cowboy Dreams".  Some nice music for a Saturday evening.


Evan Lewis said...

I like it!

Paul D Brazill said...

'Love's a silver bullet'. .. great lines and a beaut of a song. Written for actor Jimmy Naill and his TV series 'Crocodile Shoes'.
This is good Sunday morning stuff ...

Brian Busby said...

Prefab Sprout were/are a wonderful band, but I often wonder whether they weren't a nightmare for their record company. The very things that made them strong, their diverse sound and eccentricities, made them a crapshoot in the marketplace. Then there were the albums they recorded, but decided not to release... or released them years and years later.

And that's why I admired/admire them so.

To those who enjoyed "Cowboy Dreams", I recommend their "Jessie James Symphony/Jesse James Bolero".

Jesse James is running and he'll never be at rest
'Til the day they fold his arms across his chest.