Sunday, December 06, 2009

Spicy Western, February 1941

I'm trying to get back in the habit of posting a new cover scan on the WesternPulps website every Sunday, and when I do, I'll post it here, too. This week it's the February 1941 issue of SPICY WESTERN. Larry Dunn, the author of the cover-featured story "Six-Gun Wedding" was really prolific pulpster Laurence Donovan. This issue also featured a Simon Bolivar Grimes story by E. Hoffmann Price. I hasten to add that I don't own this issue. The scan comes from the invaluable Fictionmags Index.


Rittster said...

Pulp covers are great looking, no matter what the genre. I'll take a colorful pulp cover of The Shadow or Amazing Stories over a Rembrandt any day.

Evan Lewis said...

Truly an historic issue, James. This guy's hat was later worn by Cap'n Bob Napier on the cover of OWLHOOT 11.