Thursday, December 03, 2009

Five Favorite Internet Stores

Evan (Dave) Lewis tagged me with this meme, which involves naming five favorite Internet stores other than Amazon. I don't do much shopping on the Internet other than for old books, so my top spot definitely has to go to ABE. But I also buy pulp reprints from various publishers who sell through Lulu, and VCI Entertainment has some great obscure DVDs, and we buy more current stuff through and Deep Discount. That's five, isn't it?


Evan Lewis said...

Geez, I forgot about Deep Discount. I usually buy DVDs this time of year, but this time they had only a Mega Sale - not as good as their usual Supersale. They have some serials (like The Phantom) I've been wanting, and John Wayne's first six westerns.

Laurie said...

It's nice to see how many people use Abebooks. Shows the used book market is alive and well.