Thursday, November 05, 2009

Beer for My Horses

If you check out the comments about this movie on IMDB, you’ll see that people either thought it was surprisingly good or absolutely hated it. Mark me down in the “surprisingly good” category.

BEER FOR MY HORSES is an action comedy written by its two stars, country singer Toby Keith and comedian Rodney Carrington. They play Oklahoma deputy sheriffs who run afoul of a Mexican drug cartel and a local meth manufacturing operation. The movie is a little schizophrenic: at times it seems like it wants to be a serious action movie, but then more goofy, good ol’ boy, redneck comedy comes along. Somehow, though, it works for the most part. A lot of the comedy is pretty funny, especially if you’re a good ol’ boy redneck yourself, which I certainly can be at times. Toby Keith is a decent actor, although having an imposing size and a great voice help a lot in the role he plays. I’ve always liked Rodney Carrington, and the cast also features the great Barry Corbin, as well as a host of cameos by various country music stars.

Then there’s Willie Nelson, who shows up in a truly bizarre scene featuring a traveling circus that has hardly anything to do with the rest of the movie. This is a scene that’s either borderline genius, or else Keith and Carrington had been hanging around Willie and breathing too deeply before they wrote it.

Overall, BEER FOR MY HORSES is an amiable, fast-moving, somewhat politically incorrect hour and a half, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. If you decide to give it a try, just remember those 50/50 odds I mentioned above.


Peter said...

James, I'm glad you liked BEER FOR MY HORSES. I liked it, too, but I drink more beer than I should. And I have a feeling when Toby was writing the script, he was drinking more beer than he should have been drinking, too!


James Reasoner said...

Hey, Pete, your recommendation is the reason I moved this one up on our Netflix list. I trust the opinion of anybody who's a BANDIDAS fan.