Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eagle Eye

Remember the bit from English class about the willing suspension of disbelief? Well, you'd better be really willing to do a lot of suspending if you're going to watch this move, which has one of the most far-fetched plots I've encountered in a long time. But it moves fast and it has Michelle Monaghan in it, so there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours.


Randy Johnson said...

I almost picked this one on pay per view this afternoon, but didn't know enough about it. I settled instead for watching The Missing and Hombre.

I may give it consideration now for next weekend.

Anonymous said...

You should have watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang instead since Michelle Monaghan is great in that one. Plus it has Iron Man in it.

Oh and of course its slighty based on a Mike Shayne book.

James Reasoner said...

Yeah, I love KISS KISS BANG BANG. One of my favorite films. It's getting to be time to watch it again, I think.