Friday, December 22, 2006

Graham and Crimespot

Let me join with others in expressing my admiration and gratitude to Graham Powell for his great Crimespot website. It's a regular stop for me, and it's introduced me to a number of blogs that I now read every day. Also, Graham and I live in the same neck of the woods, so I hope to run into him in person one of these days.


Graham Powell said...

I keep thinking I'll bump into you at Half Price Books - and, someday, I'm sure I will.

(Actually had a big haul last week. They had a new load of old paperbacks.)

James Reasoner said...

And I missed 'em? Man! I'll bet you got all the good ones, didn't you?

Graham Powell said...

It was the store on South Hulen. Grabbed three Matt Helms plus another Hamilton, LINE OF FIRE. Also got a Chester Drum novel (my first, haven't read it yet), SWORDS OF LANKMAR by Fritz Leiber, and SHELL SCOTT'S SEVEN SLAUGHTERS.

If you're into Edward S. Aarons they had a bunch of his books there. They must cycle the stock between stores because none of that stuff was there a couple of weeks earlier.

James Reasoner said...

That is a good haul. I haven't been to the Hulen store in a while. I don't begrudge you those books because I already have all of them. Some of them I even bought new, I imagine. I like Aarons' work a lot, but I think I have all of his paperbacks and even a hardback or two. I need to get over to Hulen, though, and double-check just to make sure they don't have something I'm missing.