Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Heaping Helping of Crow

By the way, those comments I made yesterday about inaccuracies in Dave Barry's pop culture references . . . Never mind. He's right, I'm wrong.


Unknown said...

I find this hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this post! I checked all the cultural references -- especially the pop songs -- while I was editing the book. I'd hate to think I missed any!


Anonymous said...

I guess pop culture is older than we think it is. Hey, how come my word verification looks suspiciously like "idiot" in a foreign language? I'm not sure I want to type it in.

James Reasoner said...


No, you did a fine job. My mistake was making snide comments based on what passes for my memory these days. I would have sworn that NORTH TO ALASKA came out in 1961 and that the Gary U.S. Bonds song mentioned was later than that, too. But I was wrong on both counts. I have to start looking things up before shooting my mouth off. (Words to live by.)