Thursday, April 27, 2006

Green Light for Death/Frank Kane

In one of the comments below, Carl mentions buying a copy of Frank Kane's novel GREEN LIGHT FOR DEATH because of the cute redhead on the cover. I suspect he's talking about the version on the left. The one on the right is from an earlier paperback edition published by Reader's Choice Library. I like both covers and thought I would steal a page from Bill Crider and post them both here.

As for the book itself, it's the second novel in Kane's long-running series about private eye Johnny Liddell. I read it about twenty-five years ago and remember liking it quite a bit. The Liddell series got a little tiresome as it went on and Kane began to repeat himself, but the early books are pretty good.

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Carl V. Anderson said...

You are correct, it is the one on the left. I bought a copy of The Paperback covers of Robert McGinnis not long ago and fell in love with his art. In searching ebay for some of the books I found irrestible I came across this one. Don't know who the artist is but I really like it and am thrilled to know that the story isn't bad either. I look forward to reading it.