Tuesday, December 07, 2004

That Round-headed Kid

Well, I watched A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS tonight for what, the 37th or 38th time? I think I've seen it every year but one since it first aired in 1965. And it still works for me. Sure, the animation is crude and there are several continuity gaffes. And I'm older and a lot more tired and cynical than I used to be. But there are so many classic moments, and the Vince Guaraldi score is so good, that none of that matters. If they're still showing this when I'm 80, assuming I'm still around, I suspect I'll be watching it.

Now, my daughter Joanna prefers the Garfield Christmas Special (I don't recall its exact name). That's the one that she watched when she was a little kid, so of course it means more to her. But I enjoy that one, too, and wouldn't mind seeing it again. It doesn't run every year, though, at least not on broadcast. (Forget cable, out here in the boonies where we are, and I'm too cheap to get satellite. Besides, I already watch too much TV.)

Over on his blog, Vince Keenan has some comments today about RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. I've seen it many times and enjoyed it, but I don't watch it every year. Hard to believe that it's been around even longer than Charlie Brown.


Cap'n Bob said...

Since Bill has labeled me as crusty I guess it's okay to mention that I don't watch Christmas specials anymore. I think it all came apart for me when Andy Williams was dumped by Claudine Longet and she wasn't on his Christmas family show.

Unknown said...

See what I mean? The guy is crusty.

But not Krusty. That's a different Klown.