Tuesday, December 21, 2004


We spent most of the day replacing shingles and repairing some damage on our barns. We should have done this before now, but life's just been too busy. I'm pretty good at putting down shingles when I'm starting from scratch. Replacing and repairing is much more difficult. After climbing up and down ladders and hammering all day, I'm pretty sore and worn out tonight. Sure makes me glad I write books for a living instead of roofing.

I'm reading KNOTS AND CROSSES, the first Rebus novel by Ian Rankin. It's pretty good so far, and this might be a series that I continue reading.

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Frank Denton said...

I place Ian Rankin in the top ten favorite mystery writers. A lot of folks can't deal with English or Scottish writers but I find the settings appealing and the plotting and writing more than acceptable. I hope you enjoy Rankin enough to read others.