Saturday, December 11, 2004

More Movies

We seem to be bingeing on DVDs these days. Watched two more tonight, GARFIELD and THE TERMINAL, and I liked both of them quite a bit. GARFIELD got pretty bad reviews, but I found it very entertaining. I still prefer the late Lorenzo Music's version of Garfield's voice, but Bill Murray was fine. The computer-animated Garfield worked for me, too, and although the dog playing Odie was miscast (that's an odd thing to say), he was cute and well-trained. The subject matter of THE TERMINAL didn't really interest me, and I'm a little burned out on Tom Hanks, but darned if the movie didn't win me over. Spielberg imitates Frank Capra about as well as anybody these days (although he'll never have that bleak edge that exists in most of Capra's films, even IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE).

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