Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Page Proofs and Horror

I spent most of the day reading page proofs, and as I've mentioned on here before, that's one of my least favorite jobs. I've found only one typo so far, and I have a feeling it may be the only one in the book.

In between stints of reading my own words, I read part of a book called WRITING HORROR, edited by Mort Castle, written by members of the Horror Writers Association, and published by Writers Digest Books. I saw this at the library last week and couldn't resist it, even though I attempt to write horror fiction only occasionally and have been spectacularly unsuccessful at it. (I have managed to sneak horror elements into some of my Westerns, but again, only occasionally.) WRITING HORROR was published in 1997, so all the market information is very dated, but that's okay. I just like reading what various writers have to say about a particular genre. And some of the articles in the book are pretty well universal, such as David Morrell's piece on how to write good dialogue. This is a pretty interesting book. It makes me want to read some horror fiction more than it makes me want to write it, but that's okay, too.

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