Monday, October 11, 2004

Back at It

First of all, many, many thanks to everyone who wrote to express their sympathy at the passing of my dad. Your words of support meant a great deal to me. I think I have a scan of the photo that Bill mentions in his comment below, and if I can find it, I'll post it and the story behind it.

Though I didn't write any today, I was able to get some pages yesterday, and the current book is about one-third done. I need to pick up the pace on it a little.

I finished Connelly's THE LAST COYOTE and enjoyed it very much, as expected. I also read THE FRANKIE AND JOHNNY MURDER, a chapbook collection of two novelettes by Roger Torrey from the pulp PRIVATE DETECTIVE. I've read and liked Torrey's work before, and these are fun stories. I was especially fond of the set-up in the title story, which involved a roadhouse owned by a couple of beautiful women named Frankie and Johnny. This seemed to me like the first story in a series, but I don't think Torrey ever used the characters and background again, which is a shame. I'm not sure what I'm going to read next.

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Unknown said...

I posted the photo over at my blog, James. But I didn't tell the story behind it. I'm still too bitter to go into the details.