Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I'm not a big baseball fan, although when I was a kid it was my game. And I especially liked baseball fiction, such as the books by John R. Tunis and Wilfred McCormack. Later I read quite a few adult baseball novels, like THE SOUTHPAW and BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY by Mark Harris. These days, though, I'm more interested in football and basketball.

However . . . how can anybody not get caught up in the baseball playoffs going on? As I write this the Red Sox and the Yankees are in the bottom of the ninth as the Red Sox try to continue their miraculous comeback from being down three games to none in the ALCS. I don't like the Red Sox much, but I'm rooting for them against the Yankees. And, petty though it may be, against A-Rod. Got quite a kick out of it earlier when he tried his "knock the ball out of the glove" stunt, which he wouldn't have gotten away with on most elementary schoolyards, let alone in front of forty or fifty or however many million people. And over in the National League, the Astros have become a sentimental favorite for me, because I watched several of their games on TV with my dad during the last weeks of his life. If the Astros make the World Series, I'm sure I'll root for them against either the Yankees or the Red Sox.

I had a pretty good day writing today and also finished reading one of the books submitted for the Spur Award competition. I'm going to take a break from them and read something else for a day or two, but I haven't decided what yet.

Well, the Red Sox just won to force Game Seven, the first time in playoff history to be down 0-3 and take the series to seven games. Pretty good stuff. But I'll be surprised if the Yankees don't win the next one.


Emily said...

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Unknown said...

Gee, James, your blog must be getting really popular since the spammers are invading.

But I was going to talk about baseball. My father was a big Rangers fan, and during his last year or two I watched the games with him every time I spent the weekend with him. Which was pretty often. Judy and I have been Astros fans for years, and Judy is an even bigger fan than I am. She's really looking forward to today's game and hoping that the 'Stros can win with Munro on the mound. I'm not so sure they have a prayer.

Cap'n Bob said...

What's this spam from Emily? I'm sure James has nothing to do with it.

James Reasoner said...

Nope, the spam just appeared out of thin air, and if I knew how to get rid of it, I would. Everybody just ignore it, please.