Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Glitches; Comics

I thought Blogger had eaten yesterday's post, but it's finally up tonight, along with a comment or two I posted yesterday as well. I hope all the glitches are out of the system for now.

I'm still reading that Merwin novel in STARTLING STORIES, didn't have much time to read today. Yesterday I forgot to mention that I finished reading LIFE IN THE BIG CITY, a trade paperback collection of the first six issues of Kurt Busiek's great comic book series ASTRO CITY. I'd read these stories before, when they originally came out, and loved them then. I think I liked them even better on rereading them. ASTRO CITY is my favorite comic book of the Nineties. Well, come to think of it, MARVELS would have to be right up there, too. And Busiek wrote that, too. Then there was the great UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN, also written by Busiek. Definitely a pattern there. (But then, CONCRETE was a great comic book, too, and it was written and drawn by Paul Chadwick, so Kurt didn't quite have the market cornered.)

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