Saturday, September 18, 2004


Half Price Books is having a sale this weekend, so I had to stop by and see if I could find anything. Pickings were pretty slim, but I picked up a few things:

X. JONES OF SCOTLAND YARD, Harry Stephen Keeler -- I find Keeler totally unreadable, but I wasn't going to leave it on the shelf. I know there are some Keeler fans in the world. Maybe one of them will want this on eBay someday.

THE SECOND ATLANTIS, Robert Moore Williams, and S.O.S. FROM THREE WORLDS, Murray Leinster -- Ace SF from the Sixties, nearly always worth picking up and reading.

HONOLULU MURDERS, OLD LOVER'S GHOST, and THE GIRL FROM THE MIMOSA CLUB, all by Leslie Ford -- I didn't know Ford's books were controversial until I read the last couple of issue of MYSTERY*FILE. I also don't know if they're any good, but they were cheap.

THE BIG MIDGET MURDERS, Craig Rice -- I like her work, though I haven't read any of it in a long time. This is a John J. Malone novel.

SHOCK III, Richard Matheson -- The best find of the day. A Dell paperback collection of thirteen stories, including "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". I've liked just about everything I've ever read by Matheson.

The writing continues to plug along. I feel like crap tonight due to what seems like an allergy attack. The pollen this time of year always bedevils me despite being on medication for it.

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