Friday, September 03, 2004


I finished THE CONCRETE BLONDE earlier today. I was right: I didn't have it figured out. Every time I thought I did, Connelly threw in another twist. I'm not sure I liked the ending, but I liked the book and will continue to read the series. One thing I wondered about: several times in the course of the book the phrase "the black heart" is used by one of the characters, and Bosch broods about it quite a bit. I think maybe Connelly intended at first to call this one THE BLACK HEART, following up on the first two books, THE BLACK ECHO and THE BLACK ICE, but either he changed his mind or somebody else persuaded him not to get tied down in the pattern of using "black" in all his titles. Since then, there's no pattern at all to his book titles, at least none that I can see.


Mystery Dawg said...


I guess the only pattern is that he gets better. Having read all of Connelly's books, I especially like how he deals with Bosch and keeps him interesting. Even the standalones are good too. Have you seen his DVD - Blue Neon Night? (Not Black either)

James Reasoner said...

No, I haven't seen the DVD, but I think I need to try to find a copy of it. I understand that Connelly has switched over to first person in the Bosch books, and I'm not sure about that since I really like the third person style in the ones I've read, but we'll see. I have a ways to go before I get there.