Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texas Rangers, July 1957

I haven't posted a pulp cover here in a long time, so since I just put one up on the WesternPulps group, I thought I'd upload it here, too. The actual author of the Jim Hatfield novel in this issue is Walker A. Tompkins. I read it years ago, and it's a good one.


Laurie Powers said...

I have a few of these too. I know I have the December 1941 issue - a significant month. I think my grandfather had a story in one or two. I've never read any of the stories. Guess I should get busy.

David Cranmer said...

I've never read an issue of TEXAS RANGERS. No doubt, I would like it though.

Evan Lewis said...

A whole slew of those novels were reprinted in paperback, David. Just look for the name Jackson Cole. I've read a dozen or two and enjoyed 'em all.

Yikes, this issue cost 25 cents! Must be very near the end of the run.

James Reasoner said...


Some Hatfield reprints I can recommend (and these are just off the top of my head) are THE KIOWA KILLER (by Walker Tompkins), WHITE GOLD OF TEXAS (by Dean Owen), GUNS OF EL GATO and TWO GUNS FOR TEXAS (both by Bennie Gardner), GUN HARVEST and BRAND OF THE LAWLESS (both by J. Edward Leithead), GUNS OF VENGEANCE and PERIL RIDES THE PECOS (both by Tom Curry), and LONE STAR PERIL (by Leslie Scott). Scott created the Hatfield series and along with Curry was the most prolific author in the stable, but not as many of his have been reprinted in paperback. Some of his novels have cropped up in large print editions in recent years, and Leisure has done a couple of paperbacks reprinting some of Scott's stories and also his Walt Slade stories, Slade being another Texas Ranger hero that Scott wrote under the name Bradfort Scott. Reading all those Jim Hatfield and Walt Slade stories when I was growing up was definitely an influence on my own writing, as anyone who's read any of my Cody's Law novels can see right away. There's a story that goes with that, but it's too long to go into here.