Saturday, February 17, 2024

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Famous Western, March 1939

This issue of FAMOUS WESTERN has a good cover, but I'm afraid I don't know the artist. The only guess I can venture is A. Leslie Ross, and I'm not convinced of that at all. There are some good writers inside this issue, with the best-known being Harry Sinclair Drago with a novella called, "The Gun Notch That Didn't Count", a great title. There's also a story by Abner J. Sundell under his "Cliff Campbell" pseudonym that later became a house name when other authors besides Sundell began using it. Another house name, James Rourke, also has a story in this issue, plus yarns by some apparently real but completely forgotten writers: Wilcey Earle, Brian Loomis, Gratton Boone, and Thomas Tyler Jackson. I don't know anything about Gratton Boone, but it would be a great name for an evil gunman character. I don't own this issue of FAMOUS WESTERN. The scan and the author information come from the Fictionmags Index. 


Dick McGee said...

I can't find anything on Gratton Boone either beyond the name showing up in other Western and a few detective pulps, but I suspect a pen name at work. Gratton is a uncommon English surname, but extremely rare as a first name. The most noteworthy individual I can locate with it being Gratton Hanley Dalton, a member of the famous Dalton Gang. He apparently went by "Grat" as a nickname, which is arguably an even better moniker for a Black Hat villain than Gratton. :)

Boone suggests Daniel Boone, of course. Between the two it seems like something a less memorably-named author might choose for a pseudonym when writing Westerns.

James Reasoner said...

The fact that Gratton Boone shows up only in pulps published by Columbia Publications, or imprints associated with Columbia, makes me think it's probably a house name. But at this late date, who knows? I may use it as a character name, if I can remember.