Monday, May 22, 2023

The Will Robertson Collection

Will Robertson and I became friends through his comments on this blog and from emails we traded over the years. He passed away a while back, and before he died, he told his wife that he wanted me to have his book collection. She honored those wishes and passed the books along to me. It took a while for everything to line up so that I could get them, but Saturday I drove down to where she lives now and picked them up. Will and I shared very similar tastes in reading. So far I've opened only one of the boxes, but you can see from the photo that there are a lot of good books inside it. And there are 32 more boxes. I'm reading that Philip Ketchum Western now, and it's great so far. From now on, every time I read and review one of the books from this collection, I'm going to be sure to mention where it came from. So get used to posts tagged "The Will Robertson Collection". It's the least I can do to remember a great guy and a good friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend; that's always rough.

I've had that Cabot western on my want list for a while. I'll need to track down a copy and read it.

Nik Morton said...

Sorry about your friend's demise, James. My collection can easily fill 34 boxes too! I remember reading Gibraltar Road, the first Commander Shaw thriller. I was so enthused by it I quickly read Redcap and Bluebolt One!

Bradley Schlieper said...

Sorry for your loss. The treasure trove of books is an awesome legacy and like your friend I ponder what to do with mine when that time comes. I work and commute so much that there is little time to enjoy reading.