Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Commando: Convict Commandos - Alan Hebden

There you are -- stuck in a military prison in Singapore when the Japanese smash into town. You know that if being a prisoner of the British is bad being a prisoner of the Japanese will be ten times worse. So if a man in British officer's uniform was to offer to get you out if you'd work for him, you'd agree to do anything he ordered, wouldn't you?

The Convict Commandos did... and probably wished they hadn't!

(Alan Hebden is the son of long-time COMMANDO scripter Eric Hebden. He's a prolific author of war comics himself and has done a really fine job in this one of crafting a variation on the classic Dirty Dozen plot. He has a distinctive writing style that I enjoy, as well. There are several more in this series, and I'll definitely be reading them.)

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